Declaring & Praying God’s Word Through the Book of Proverbs

Experience the power of prayer and declarations on this 31 day journey through the book of Proverbs. Here you and Tiffany dive into the Word of God to discover treasures of truth and wisdom that will renew your mind and cause you to grow in your walk in the Lord.

It is a time to strengthen your understanding, gain wisdom, revelation and truth through the Living Word of God. Each daily devotional gives you opportunity to read, feed, and declare the truths within the 31 chapters of Proverbs.

New Books Coming Out This October!

Daughters of Destiny, a View of Biblical Heroines through the Eyes of 21st Century Women

Sons of Purpose, a View of Biblical Heroes through the Eyes of 21st Century Men. 

This is a podcast that will stir your faith as you hear personal testimonies from ordinary people having radical encounters with Jesus!

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