Unlock your writer's potential with Write Circle, a dynamic

3-month program offering personalized coaching, exclusive expert masterclasses, and a supportive community to guide you from inspiration to publication!

Your book could be the answered prayer that sparks hope in the lives of others.

It's time to start, and let God use your words to make a difference in his Kingdom.

Say goodbye to the lonely writing struggle, and the unanswered questions about what to do next. When you join The Writer's Circle you embark on an enriching journey with expert guidance, supportive community and personalized coaching.

This 3 month program is strategically designed to help you on the journey to becoming a published author! It's packed full of coaching calls led by Publisher and Author, Tiffany Tombre, captivating masterclasses by industry experts and a unique blend of prayer and goal setting that propels you toward success!

"Writer’s Circle with Tiffany propelled my God-dream. Tiffany not only gave practical guidance through the writing process, but she walked alongside me and saw it through! She championed me as a writer and daughter of the King and has changed my trajectory. Because of God’s provision and Writer’s Circle, I AM an author."

Ashley Pinner, Published Author & Writer's Circle Student

"I would not have felt like I was capable of completing the book God laid on my heart to write without this group. Tiffany and the other ladies encouraged me when it was hard to persevere. They prayed for me and with me. It is evident that Tiffany is called to minister in this way. This class equipped me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to follow through with my yes. I HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to write a book, to join Writer’s Circle. I’m thankful for the friendships and connections formed because of it."

Amy Tisdale, Published Author & Writer's Circle Student

"Writer's Circle was an influential experience! It taught me so much about the writing process and gave me more motivation in 12 weeks than I have had in years on my own! Tiffany has an abundance of knowledge as well as those she brings in to teach with her. The Masterclasses alone are worth the time and investment, but the spiritual encouragement and prayer from your new friends is priceless. I hope to work with this dynamic sisterhood more in the future!

Danielle Picard, Writer's Circle student

"I’ve been through 13 years of severe domestic abuse and came out the other side only because Jesus kept me in his arms. I am a mom to 11 living children and 2 angels. I’m a retired preschool director. I’ve written one book and I’m working on starting another. It only took me almost 12 years to write my first book. I couldn’t have done it without the help of the writers circle class. It was a tremendous help for me. I learned so much about what all goes into writing a book and all that is required to publish a book. I highly recommend taking this class. It’s amazing!!God has been good to me!"

Dani Jones, Published Author & Writer's Circle student

You possess something invaluable - a gift that the world is waiting to read...

it's time to write that book!


Tailored for Men and Women with a Specific Calling:

The program's focus on anyone with a God-given dream to write sets it apart by recognizing and honoring individual aspirations. By tailoring the program to this specific group, participants can benefit from a more personalized and understanding environment, fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Structured 3-Month Program:

The time-limited, 3-month structure suggests a well-defined and organized approach to the writing and publishing process. This can be appealing to individuals who may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a long-term commitment.

Group Prayer & Encouragement

The program offers a holistic approach by providing mentorship, accountability, and expert masterclasses  and a supportive community, participants receive a comprehensive support system to navigate their writing journey. This multifaceted support system addresses various challenges, from overcoming writer's block to managing imposter syndrome and fear.

Clear Goal:

The program's goal of having participants well on their way to a finished publication by the end of the 3-month period provides a clear and achievable target. This specificity can help writers stay focused, motivated, and track their progress throughout the program, increasing the likelihood of successful completion.

Are you ready to write the book that God has placed on your heart?

Unlock a wealth of wisdom with our exclusive Expert Masterclasses as they bring you invaluable insights to guide through the process from start to published, and beyond!

Tiffany Tombre

Publisher, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Meg Delagrange-Belfon

Speaker, Author, Artist, Publisher

“From Manuscript to Bestseller: Strategies for Authors"

Ashlyn Pinner

Speaker, Author, Blogger, School Teacher, Youth Minister

"Discipline of writing and how to write inspired by the Holy Spirit"

Jenilee Samuel

Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Pastor

“Marketing, Subscriptions and Social Media"

Have you ever wondered if your book could.....

Transform not just one life, but potentially a thousand, even a million lives for the better?

Unlock the next profound phase of God's calling on your life? 

Create a lasting, passive stream of income, benefiting your family for years to come?

Make an impact that not only echoes through this generation but resonating for countless generations ahead?

Meet Tiffany Tombre

Publisher, Author, Speaker & Podcast Host of "Testimonies with Tiffany"

I am genuinely thrilled about the possibility of you joining The Writer's Circle, a program meticulously crafted for both men and women who harbor a God-given dream to write a book but may feel uncertain about where to begin.

Helping men and women to fulfill their writing calling is not just a passion but a profound calling in my life. With a track record of publishing 18 books, I intimately understand the exhilaration and challenges of stepping out in faith to pursue something much larger than oneself. Through my journey, the Lord has revealed that writing a book is not a one-dimensional endeavor; it thrives on community and support.

I implore you to say yes to God's prompting! Allow me to assist you in navigating this path. God earnestly desires to unlock destinies, provide encouragement, and instill hope through your books. The importance of collaborating with God and stepping into obedience cannot be overstated. I'm genuinely excited to be part of your transformative journey in writing and publishing your book.

Let's unite as a community and collectively turn our God-given dreams into a vibrant reality for His glory!